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木19:00 ベーシック+  Claire(英語)

90 minutes to refresh your body and reset your mind

  • 1 時 30 分
  • 1,500円
  • オンラインセッション


90 minutes to refresh your body and reset your mind. A full Tomonaga yoga lesson combining a gentle still thorough warming up and selected Asanas that will wash away the tiredness of the day, reenergize your body and slowly invite you to a relaxed and meditative state. A constant attention placed on breathing will gradually create a natural bridge between your physical body and your mind, allowing you to experience the wholeness present in yourself. This class welcomes all levels, as poses are introduced after a thorough preparation of the muscles and the bones structures. The awareness is placed on one's physical and emotional sensations and the flow of movements and poses naturally leads to listen to one's inner voice. No pain, no harming, every asana is taken in respect of one's limits. NB : This class is opened to students present in the studio and broadcasted at the same time on site.




1-18-13 Kamiogi, Suginami City, Tōkyō 167-0043, Japan 日本、東京都杉並区上荻1−18−13

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